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Haliburton Law Firm works closely with professionals in both Health Care and Law Enforcement to provide the most comprehensive representation possible to ensure success!

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Preston was excellent for my DUI case. I avoided any major charges and convictions and grateful to have hired the Haliburton Law Firm to handle my DUI case.


Mr. Haliburton is an aggressive and effective Atlanta personal injury lawyer. He and his associates were fought for every dollar I deserved in my settlement.

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Atlanta Accident and Personal Injury Attorney

Preston Haliburton and the Haliburton Firm have been serving the Atlanta area community for the past decade. We provide aggressive and effective legal representation to individuals whose lives have been impacted by motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, toxic work environments, or other varieties of negligence and wrongful misconduct. Victims of personal injury incidents and their families are often times subjected to undue physical, emotional, and financial duress resulting from incurred edical expenses, significant lost wages, property loss or damage, and pain and suffering. The Haliburton Firm is here to help restore your peace of mind. We will fight to earn you every dollar you deserve in order to bring comfort to you and your loved ones, easing the burden that has impacted your lives.

How Can a Haliburton Firm Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Help?

At the Haliburton Firm we provide a risk-free, no cost consultation to you in order to assess your personal injury case and inform you of your best options available. We further offer our legal services from our expert staff of lawyers at no risk to you! You only pay if we win your case. Therefore if you feel you are subject to one of the personal injury claims on the left or are suffering from any of the indicated pain symptoms , Call Us Now at (404) 237-8246 for your free no-risk consultation.

Things You Need To Know To Successfully Prepare For Your Personal Injury Trial

It is stressful enough being victim of a negligent or wrongful incident that causes pain and distress to you and your family. Between hospital visits and bills, the back and forth with insurance companies, and the constant pain and discomfort associated with your personal injury; there is surely a lot on your mind and many things to keep track of. Filing a lawsuit for your personal injury claim can be another added headache on your already complicated situation; however, the followings tips will help keep things in order and increase your chance of a successful injury claim:

1. Maintain a detailed account of the incident and provide all available information to your attorney.
A lot can happen from the time of your accident / injury until your legal settlement is made. Keep a detailed and documented account of your accident / injury will help your attorney better help you by having the necessary information needed to advocate your case.

2. Organize and retain all pertinent documentation and records that are related to your case.
Proper and adequate documentation is the key to any successful trial or settlement. What documents do you have to support your claim? Did you take any pictures of the incident? Do you have copies of your medical bills and other expenses related to your injury? The more documentation you have, the better. When consulting with your lawyer, make sure to retain an organized file of all of the relevant documents and records that will support your claim in court.

The following is a list of some of the common documents that may be needed for your claim: - Police report or other documentation of the accident

- Medical records
- Doctor’s report detailing your condition and prognosis
- Medical bills and projected future medical expenses
- Insurance coverage information associated with your medical bills
- Documentation of leave of absence from work and other lost wages due to injury
- Detail account of other impacts that the injury has had to your normal livelihood
- A timeline or calendar of the history of events and important dates related to your injury and claim such as the date of the incident, dates of related hospital visits and major treatments, etc.

3. Be patient and cooperative with your personal injury attorney.
Often times the adjudication process for a personal injury claim can be extensive as there are many parties involved with the deliberation over the facts of the case. Keep in mind that as licensed professionals, your Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer is ethically bound to uphold your interests and is working at their best to resolve your case. In order to ensure a smooth and optimized claims process, make sure to cooperate with your personal injury lawyer when things are needed and be patient as the arbitration process takes hold.